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  • Game 1 winning Royals

    2015 World Series NY Mets vs Kansas City Royals

    This years World Series is off and started with a 14 inning game 1. The Royals took it 5 to 4 and the game was over at 1:15am EST. This was a long game but fans loved it as TV rating were at a high keeping people focused on this match up.
    World Series game 2 was a pitchers dual until the Royals got the bats going and won 7 - 1. Now with 2 wins the Kansas City Royals fly to NY for October 30th game 3. Could this end in NY at Shea Stadium?
    Game 3 has changed up may thoughts for Mets fans as they won 9-3. Quick early game runs kept them moving forward and in the six inning adding 4 more runs push the Royal out of a win.
    Game 4 Halloween has put NY Mets fans on the edge as they needed the win, but failed. Royals eighth inning rally allowed the win and now the World Series is 3 games won to just 1 by the Mets.
    Game 5 Royals win the World Series in a 7 - 2 win in the 12th inning.


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  • NFL Rams

    NFL may move team location

    St. Louis Rams can be moved but to what city? Los Angeles just maybe the place. Fans of the current Rams are shocked. Is it tickets sales, business or a bigger plan that the NFL has not revealed.

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