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  • boston red sox winning

    Red Sox back at home, but can they get the winning streak back?

    Boston Red Soxs won the World Series last year but these past months have put them near the bottom. Current stats you have to wonder if the stars from prior seasons have it this year. Hitting has been minimal at best and pitching has also put games from the win to loss column. Red Sox's fans will have to again wait to see if the second half of the season brings them back to life. It's almost All-star beak and they are still under 500.
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    The Red Sox's currently are in 4th place with a 30-36 record.
  • 2014 world cup Brazil

    2014 World Cup

    Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and Brazil's team is being put on the spot to win. Sunday, July 13th will be the final game as these 32 teams fight for one of the two final spots. Netherlands have been recently looked at as the possible winner, while others have put Spain as a top pick. Numerous TV stations are airing this great world cup so check your local listings.

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