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  • 2014 super bowl sunday

    Super Bowl is Over Seahawks WIN big!

    This yearly event is an American icon. This year the Broncos face the Seahawks at the MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ. Weather has been very cold in the northeast and the outlook for that date looks to be the same. Who will win is any ones guess but millions will be watching on TV. Tickets are still available so check out these agencies.

  • new york yankee pitcher

    MLB kicks off Opening Day

    Baseball teams have been busy training and today the first games of the 2014 season kicks off. Bats are swinging away and pitchers are getting used to the new line ups. Each new season we all hope that our team will be the one to make it the the World Series. As injuries take players away from the game and management trades away for new or hopeful future picks we can only sit back and cheer them on.
    Washington Nationals and the St. Louis Cardinals seem to be the media's picks for possible winners. The Yankees have spent a half of billion dollars on new players and the Red Sox whom won last year seem to looked past. Is that your feeling too? Looking at some of the on line betting and they have picked both the Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals as the top 2.

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