Brutally Beaten New York Jets Fan Recovering Slowly: How You Can Help

Violence surrounding sporting events seems to be on the rise, and last December James Mohr, a New York Jets’ fan, was one of the many victims who was brutally attacked near a sporting venue. Mohr, a 23-year-old P.E. teacher and die-hard Jets’ fan,  was at the game between New York  and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, December 11. He was walking through the parking lot at the stadium, when one of the attackers shouted, “F**k New York,” and “You all deserved what happened on 9/11!” The group of thugs were said to be drunk and upset after their team lost to the Jets and Mohr became the target of their frustrations.

The victim was left  in the parking lot alone, “bloodied and unconscious in the freezing cold” before paramedics finally arrived. Mohr suffered a fractured jaw, cheekbone and eye socket in the beatdown, and had to go through hours of surgery to repair his shattered face and was at one point, on the brink of death.

Fortunately Mohr won the fight of his life but he’s been left with vision problems and residual effects of his brain injuries as well as a massive amount of bills.

Fans Against Violence, a group that is working to help to end violence at sporting events across the nation, reports that Mohr’s “multiple operations were not covered through his insurance company,” and between his endless doctors visits, co-payments, prescriptions and commute expenses to and from New Jersey, it’s a huge financial burden.

Not only has Mohr and his family been put through extreme emotional distress, but the bills are overwhelming.  In order to help alleviate some of their stress, a fundraising event will take place in Bayside, New York next weekend at  Strawberry’s Bar and Grill from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on May 12, 2012.

Bracelets will be sold at the door for $50.00 each, which can be used to access an open bar and buffet. Items will be raffled off with part of the proceeds used to help pay for Mohr’s medical expenses.  Also at the request of Mohr, some money will be donated to the school at which he teaches, “to help provide his students and aspiring athletes with proper equipment, uniforms and other materials which can not be afforded.”

As a sponsor of the fundraiser, Fans Against Violence is offering a PayPal link where donations will be sent directly to The James Mohr Foundation.

Although there were a number of senseless acts that took place in 2011 involving sporting events, including the Bryan Stow attack, in which the San Francisco Giants’ fan was beaten so badly at Dodger Stadium he suffered serious brain damage, the attack on Mohr was not as widely publicized.

With groups like Fans Against Violence, perhaps one day there will be a solution found to this growing problem. It’s a sad day when a friendly rivalry turns into the loss, or near loss of anyone’s life.

K.C. Dermody grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has been an Oakland Raiders fan for her entire life. She has continued her loyalty to the team through its many ups and downs over the decades, and has been privileged to meet several of her favorite players, including famed quarterback, Jim Plunkett. Follow her on Twitter @kcdermody or on Facebook at

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