Disc Golf: Truly a Sport for Everyone

When I had the privilege of covering the PDGA Disc Golf World Championships last week, I couldn’t help but notice that disc golf truly is a sport for everyone. With participants’ ages ranging from seven to those in their seventies, there were many examples right in Charlotte, North Carolina last week of what makes the sport such a great one.

One of the highlights for me, other than meeting many of my favorite players, was watching the youngest kids compete on the course with a smile, despite the pressure of being at the Worlds and competing in the extreme heat and humidity. Forest Deason, who was crowned World Champion in the boys 10 and under division, was always grinning, and 13-year-old Maximus Meyer told me that he didn’t mind the heat, he was just having too much fun. Desiree Duran enjoyed the camera as well as her World Champion trophy in the girls 10 and under division, and there were many other stand out players among the younger kids including Conall Stillwagon, Isaac Meeder and Victoria Scott.

On the other end of the spectrum, 75-year-old Carlos Rigby of Alexandria, Virginia, had only begun playing disc golf in his retirement years and really wanted to not only set an example for older people who he believes can continue to enjoy life by being active and participating in disc golf, but especially for the younger players. Rigby was crowned World Champion in the Senior Legends division and would really like to see people his age get out and play disc golf. He was especially adamant about the importance for players of all ages in following a healthy diet as well as abstaining from smoking, drinking alcohol and doing any kind of drugs in order to experience a greater quality of life . He was concerned that many people seem to be suffering from health issues at a relatively young age when they really shouldn’t have to. Rigby credited his good health with his wife’s nutritious cooking as well as his generally healthy lifestyle.

Not only is disc golf a great sport for people of all ages and economic circumstances, but females and males are both encouraged to play, as well as people with disabilities.  Playing disc golf is not only a great form of exercise but the social contact it provides and the feeling of being a part of one big family is priceless.