Which Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Would Have Made The Best Head Coach?

Jason Garrett is the current head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett was a long time backup in the NFL who was viewed almost as an extra assistant coach during his playing career. The Dallas Cowboys have had a number of past quarterbacks who would have made capable head coaches in the National Football League in my estimation.

Roger Staubach could have been an extremely successful head coach in the NFL. Staubach got involved with real estate and a number of other successful businesses out there where people have properly marketed things. Staubach was beloved by so many fans in the Dallas community and he may have wanted to keep that standing by not becoming the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Danny White is the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback that may have had the most success as a head coach in the National Football League. Danny White has been a long term head coach in the Arena Football League and he was actually inducted into the Arena League Hall of Fame. There are some significant differences between the Arena League and the National Football League, but the truth of the matter is that if you know how to deal with personalities and organize a proper staff you can have success as a head football coach. Danny White was extremely successful as the head coach of the Arizona Rattlers in the Arena Football League.

Danny White did have a big hit on the pop charts while he was still playing in the National Football League. Danny White probably doesn’t view himself as a professional singer and in fact feels like a football player. Pat Boone is a singer who ventured into sports ownership and became an owner of a professional basketball team as a part of the American Basketball League. You have to keep things in perspective when you are going to make important investments in the sports world. The process of running a business and being a head coach is quite different, we have to be able to make sure

Danny White is someone who was largely admired by a lot of the people that he worked with while playing with the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys were very successful under former head coach Tom Landry who was a big supporter of Danny White’s skill set. A lot of people out there have to understand that a good head coach who can properly manage a roster can end up making a businessperson a lot of money.