3-Step Guide to Better Golf for Beginners

Golf is tough on many beginners because they feel like they have already missed the learning curve, gotten started too late or just won’t be able to learn how to find their way around a golf course. Whether you have always secretly wanted to learn or have plans to attend a business-related event over 9 or 18-holes, you can learn how to improve your golf in just three easy steps.

If you’re willing to put in a little bit of time and effort, this three-step guide to better golf for beginners will put you on the right track.

Learn golf protocol and etiquette- There’s nothing worse than finding yourself on the course when you don’t know proper golf protocol and etiquette. You might feel embarrassed, lacking in confidence or unsure of yourself. Or maybe you have confidence but you don’t realize you are doing something wrong and making a fool of yourself in front of everyone. Take some time to study up on golf protocol and etiquette first. Where do you stand on the tee box? Who tees off first? When can you pick up your ball? How do you mark your ball on the green? Learning the basics will give you the confidence you need out there.

Learn how to hit the ball- The next step is to learn to hit the ball correctly. You don’t have to hit it hard and you don’t have to hit it far but you need to know how to make a solid connection with the ball. This is often easier said than done to the new golfer. If you’re getting professional lessons or help from a friend, focus on how to hit the ball first. As a new golfer, mastering this first will set the foundation for everything to come afterwards.

Learn drills and reading from home- Not everything you do to prepare for the course has to be done on the course. In fact, quite the opposite is true. You can spend a good amount of time at home running drills in your backyard, practicing putting in your living room, watching videos and pros on TV and reading up all you can about golf. You can call this your own crash course in mastering the course and you are limited only by how much time you have to give yourself.