5 of the Hardest Golf Courses in the United States

No two golf courses are alike, and some are much harder than others. If you’re a talented golfer, you may be tempted to try your skill at as many golf courses as possible, especially those that are considered the hardest.

If you really want to see how good of a golfer you truly are, you need to try your hand at the following five courses.

1. Pine Valley Golf Club

Located in southern New Jersey, PineValleyGolfClub is one of the hardest courses. The course was designed by George Arthur Crump who made sure that the course would be one of the most challenging. Throughout the course, holes face different directions, and when you tee off, the only hole that you can see is the one in front of you.

Crump designed the course so that every club would have to be used in order to be successful, making it one of the most challenging courses in the nation. And even when you think you’re doing good, a bunker will come out of nowhere and destroy your game.

2. Bethpage State Park, Black Course

If you want to battle over 7,000 yards of golf course, than the Black course at BethpageStatePark is your competitor. The shortest par in the entire course is a 4, proving that it’s not going to be an easy challenge.

The Black course is one of five courses in Bethpage park, and it is easily the hardest one to play. The course is made up of numerous hills, and you will often find yourself trying to golf uphill. The Black course was home to the 2002 and 2009 US Opens, and is currently hosting the FedExCup.

3. PGA West, TPC Stadium Course

Of all the courses in the PGA West, TPCStadium has the highest stroke and slope ratings. Rated 4th toughest course in Golf Digest, players will find an island green and water-lined hole among other tough shots.

Due to the intensity of the difficulty of this course, many players only play it once. These players don’t think the course is fair, but as said by PeteDye on the TPC Stadium Course website, “Golf is not a fair game, so why build a course fair?”

4. Butler National Golf Club

Located in Oak Brook, Illinois, the ButlerNationalGolfClub is another tough course to beat. The challenge with Butler National Golf Club is that it’s deceptive to the eye. Golfers can easily see the green and see all the holes in front of them, but the shots turn out to be harder than they appear.

If your shot goes into the rough, you’re going to have an extremely difficult time getting it out, as getting shots from the rough onto the green are not easy. Golfers then become frustrated that they’re not doing as well as they thought they would.

5. The Olympic Club, Lake

The Lake Course in the OlympicClub mixes a great deal of different holes. While playing this course, you will be visited by elevation changes, longer and shorter yardages and deep bunkers. Golfers will also be shooting the ball into different directions, as the holes don’t all get shot the same way.

The course provides sight lines for the holes, but the shots are still not easy. The course’s 18th hole is the most popular, with swaying greens and sloping fairways galore.

Noah Parker lives in Denver and works with a travel agency.  He enjoys writing about golfing, surfing, and traveling in his spare time.  Noah also writes interesting articles for a Los Cabos golf resort.

Photo credit: theswedish