50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it the Olympics 2012?! It certainly is! With mere days to go before the greatest sports day of them all kicks off we decided to trace the games pre-World War II history in terms of the events that saw competitors from all over the world compete for gold!

Of course the usual suspects were there. The athletics, cycling, swimming etc. were all accounted for. Present and correct. However there were a few surprises hidden away in the scheduling that we weren’t expecting. It appears that those who decided exactly what would be classed as an Olympic sport were a little more free-spirited back in the day, experimental even.

It is this attitude that led to the inclusion of all manner of odd events, from Indian club-swinging, to swimming for sailors – we kid you not. There was even the option for those with a penchant for the more rural of sports to enter into a spot of live pigeon shooting…

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