7 Skateboards Great for Pop

When you want to get the best pop on your skateboard, choosing the board wisely will help. If you’re in the market for a new board anyway, then now is a great time to research the board with the most pop for your needs. The term “pop” in skateboarding refers to the process of kicking the board up with your trailing foot at the heel of the skateboard. This motion followed by another activity creates a skateboard trick and this is the “pop”.

Boards that are said to have good pop are those that are good for doing tricks. A good board will actually make tricking easier because you get that pop in the trick, making it easier to do the stunt, get more air or control your board easier. Most boards with good pop are lighter but that’s not always the case.

I’ve been skating since I was about 9 years old- nearly 20 years now- and I have tried a lot of different boards. The one thing to know about a skateboard is that every rider is different so the board your friend loves may not be best for you. However, you can take some general guidelines to help you narrow your search when shopping for your own.

Here are a few brands that are great for pop:

Element Pros like Bam Margera stand behind Element because this board is great for riding and tricks. I have skated on several different Element boards and they are all consistent, durable and great for pop. If you plan on doing a lot of tricks or are just learning tricks, you will like Element boards.

Girl-Girl boards are not just for females although being a girl, I must say I have a fondness for them. I’m looking to buy my daughter one for her birthday because she’s getting into more tricking instead of just riding and they contain a lot of pop without breaking. It will be a great board for her to trick on.

Zero Zero boards have good flip, pop and spin on them. They seem to be built for tricks and they ride really smooth. This is another great brand if you are looking for good skateboard pop.

BakerI’ve seen a lot of semi-pros use Baker boards. They are great for pop, give you more air on even the simplest of tricks like an Ollie and they are durable.

Flip- With a name like Flip, you expect nothing but pop and this brand delivers. It’s easier to do an Ollie or other flatground tricks, especially those requiring you to get some air under them because Flip boards are made for this. You can’t go wrong, no matter which Flip you choose.

Blind- Blind is great for pop and also durable enough for rail slides, ramps and more. When you want a board that has good pop but will still take a beating, you’ll be pleased with Blind.

Plan B Plan B has a great skate team. Their boards are made from durable plywood and they do not break or snap easily. They are light and flexible and come with a lot of pop.