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Lisa Mason has been writing professionally since 1998 with a specialty in Internet content. She also provide content marketing and social media marketing services. Learn more about her writing experience or hire her to help you with your writing and editing needs at Writer Lisa Mason.

She is also the founder of My Writing Tips – a site for writers, by writers dedicated to writing tips and instruction, information on the writing business and more.

A youth coach with a passion for a variety of sports, Lisa founded Sports Zone Media to combine her love of sports and writing. This passion has grown and Sports Zone Media has developed into a place where sports lovers of all types can gather to share in the latest news, find updates on their favorite teams and get first-person reports from experienced writers in their field. You can find everything from youth coaching to pro-football fan reports here.

A track athlete and basketball player in school, Lisa now coaches youth soccer, basketball and softball and enjoys golf, running, rock climbing and other sports as well as takes a vested interest in health and nutrition for athletes of all ages and experience levels.


Tyler Mills

Tyler Mills is a former college student looking for a positive way to inform people and make some money to pay living expenses. He also covers sports and Iowa news for the De Moines Free Press. Tyler specializes in basketball content for Sports Zone Media.


Rodney Southern

Rodney Southern is a longtime online writer that runs several online venues including rodneysouthern.com and toptenisms.com. His first novel is right around the corner, but his first love is still online copy.


KC Dermody

K.C. Dermody grew up in the Bay Area of California, and has been an Oakland Raiders fan for her entire life. She has continued her loyalty to the team through its many ups and downs over the decades, and has been privileged to meet several of her favorite players, including famed quarterback, Jim Plunkett. Follow her on Twitter @kcdermody or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kcdermodywriter.


Tina McCulloch

Tina McCulloch, AKA HyppieHawk has been writing all her life and has been writing online content work since 2007.  Tina has a deep love of all sports but football in particular.  She has been an avid Seahawks fan since they first joined the league in 1976 and continues to follow the team with a fanaticism that borders on obsession.  She has met coaches and players and is also the Vice President of the Las Vegas Sea Hawkers, a booster club dedicated to the Seahawks.   Follow her on Twitter @hyppiehawk


Derek Ciapala

Derek Ciapala is a featured contributor for sports and technology at Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Voices. His work has been published on multiple online mediums across the country. He is an on-the-scene sports reporter for Sports Zone Media covering sporting events in the Cincinnati area.