All About Airsoft as an Extreme Sport

If you have never heard about Airsoft before, it is something of a cross between paintballing and actually going outside with a real gun and shooting people. Unlike paintball, Airsoft is an outdoor sport, but although it is different it still has its similarities. Of course no real bullets are fired, in actual fact the missiles that are fired from these weapons are shot with less power than a real airgun provides, but that’s not to say that when you are hit it won’t sting! As with paintball, protective equipment it is highly recommended to limit any injury, especially to the eyes and exposed areas of skin.

Defend Your Ground

Basically the premise of the game is that you and your team are charged with defending your hut which is more than likely in the middle of a field. Anyone looking on at what was happening would probably be alarmed if they didn’t know what was going on, as the guns that are involved in airsoft play are practically identical to real guns, even down to the weight. Though airsoft guns are packed and transported with an orange jacket placed on the end of the barrel, once that tip is removed they look for all intents and purposes like the real thing. Walking in on a group of men armed in combat gear, masks and carrying what looks like real guns is enough to send anyone off running for help.

Restrictions and Limitations

There are some places where airsoft guns are banned, so you would need to check the legislation in the area where you live to see if you could get your hands on one, but in theory, if you live somewhere where air rifles are easily obtained you should be able to lay your hands on an airsoft gun too. This is a sport that originated in Japan and has started spreading steadily westwards.  In the early days the guns were expensive to buy as they had to be imported, but now as the popularity of the sport has increased they are much easier to locate and don’t cost anywhere near as much as an import, meaning the sport is now accessible for all.

Required Equipment

As with other shooting based sports eye protection is required. An average bullet shot from a real 9mm gun is discharged with around 400 joules of energy, a projectile fired from an airsoft gun has 1.8 joules. It may not sound like much but it can still cause a lot of damage especially in the facial area. Because of the damage that can be caused a full face mask is an essential piece of kit. If you are hit on the body you can bet it’s going to sting, but in the midst of battle with the adrenaline flowing you are hardly likely to worry about it for long. One other area that requires protection is the hands. As you are holding, aiming and firing your gun your hands, especially your knuckles are exposed and a hit there can be incredibly painful, so make sure that you also have some paintball gloves as part of your essential kit. You may also find a tactical vest of benefit to you and a good set of boots as remember you will be outdoors, fighting over real terrain.

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