Are The Pirates On Another Downward Spiral?

The amount of excitement surrounding the Pittsburgh Pirates is greater than many people anticipated, given that we are now in the month of August. The truth of the matter is that most people expect the Pirates to collapse by the time the month of August rolls around. The Pittsburgh Pirates are finally going through a year where they will be competitive in the standings for a whole season.
Players like Dexter McCutchen do deserve a lot of credit for the success of the Pittsburgh Pirates, but I think you have to give credit to players like Jack Wilson as well who may no longer be on the Pirates roster, but he was one of the players who stuck with the team as they toiled through years of obscurity.

The Pirates were also able to move forward because of the kind of work that has been done by players like Ryan Doumit who are no longer with the team. Jeff Karstens is a great player that has not only pitched consistently for the Pirates, but many people are now looking at Karstens as a veteran who can now get things done for the team. Karstens has been a steady hand for the team and they have also gotten a fair contribution from A.Jl Burnett. The Pirates are in a bit of a free fall, they have lost four straight and second baseman Neil Walker is currently hurting. There are some people who are already predicting the same late season collapse that we typically see from the Bucs.

The truth is that at 64-53 (as I write this) the Pirates are tied for second place in the N.L. Central. There are so many people who are finally enjoying the fact that the Pirates have been able to build up their farm system and actually see some results.
It should not surprise anyone that the Pirates struggled against a guy like Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers. Kershaw befuddles a lot of different players out there. Hanley Ramirez was a bit of a pain for the Pirates as well when they were taking on the Dodgers in a recent series. The hope is that the city of Pittsburgh will come out and support this team, a large number of people in that city have been hit hard economically so it is good to see Clint Hurdle and the Pirates be able to give them something that will keep their troubles off of their mind, if just for a little while.