Athletic Scholarships for High School Athletes are Rare

Many high school athletes push themselves to succeed in the hopes of getting a college scholarship based on their athletic ability. The problem is that the percentage of high school athletes who actually get college sports scholarships is actually low. While so many young athletes dream of this, college scholarships are actually rare for high school athletes.

For some sports, the odds of getting a scholarship are even more difficult. Sports with higher chances of getting a scholarship include girls’ golf and football. Other sports have difficult odds of getting a scholarship. The Houston Chronicle discussed this in an article in 2012.

The article explains:

“A study of numbers provided by the National High School Federation and the NCAA shows that the participants in boys wrestling have the longest odds of earning an athletic scholarship. Boys soccer is a close second.”

While scholarships from sports may sound like a great idea, they are actually so rare that parents and students should not expect or depend on them. If you want to try for a specific scholarship, there is certainly no harm in that but you should always have a backup plan and understand that your odds of getting it are low.

“We stress to parents and students everywhere that you should participate in athletics for the values and benefits that sports can give, not because you want a scholarship,” said Kevin Lennon, the NCAA’s vice president of membership services.

Most athletic scholarships are given by schools that are members of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), although there are others that you can research and apply for as well.

Tips for Applying for a Sports Scholarship

If you plan to apply for an athletic scholarship, here are some tips to help you:

  • Apply early
  • Create a list of scholarships you plan to apply to and stay organized
  • Apply to a wide variety of scholarships
  • Always fill out all details on the application
  • Include a list of your activities

Here are some high school athletic scholarships to look into:

American Legion Baseball Scholarship

AWSEF Scholarship

Dixie Boys Baseball Scholarship Program

USBC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow

USBC Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarships

Billy Welu Scholarship

Women’s Western Golf Foundation Scholarship

Dixie Youth Scholarship Program

Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Scholarship

Harness Racing Scholarship

Marsh Scholarship Fund Surfing Scholarship

National Archery Association (NAA) Scholarship

NABF Scholarship Program

USBC Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Scholarship

USBC Annual Zeb Scholarship

A track athlete and basketball player in school, Lisa now coaches youth soccer, basketball and softball and enjoys golf, running, rock climbing and other sports as well as takes a vested interest in health and nutrition for athletes of all ages and experience levels.