Basketball Tips: How to Improve Jump Shooting

No basketball player, no matter their skill level, can get by without knowing how to make a jump shot. Jump shooting is important because more points can be scored at critical times by shooting behind the three point line. A shot within this line is worth two points but a shot outside of this line is worth three. The only way to make this shot is through jump shooting. The following are tips on who to improve your jump shooting abilities:

• Wrist Strength – When shooting a jump shot, it is important to have good wrist strength. This is the one part of the body that controls the ball when making the shot. Since you are airborne, the rest of your body, such as your legs, is used to get you up off the floor. The wrist controls the motion of the ball. One tool for strengthening the wrist is by taking a weight and tying it to a string to one end and a wood dowel or metal rod to the other. Wind the weight up and down the dowel and your wrists become stronger.

• Vertical Leap – It is important when shooting a jump shot to ensure that you can get your body off the ground vertically. This is another area that takes a great deal of practice. One of the best ways to maximize the vertical leap is by picking a high spot on the backboard and continuously jumping to touch it. As your leg strength improves, mark a higher spot until the required height has been reached.

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