Be a Tremendous Sport

Sport means different things to different people. To a man on a horse with pack of hounds, sport is about chasing down prey and being the ‘alpha’ character that people either love or hate. To others, sport is about supporting your friends to achieve a mutual goal and building bridges and bonding. To someone who doesn’t play sport, it’s all about entertainment, and bonding and being the ‘alpha ‘character, except this time it’s in your social circle. Sport has not always been the same, it used to be less about entertainment and more about survival, which is why the Olympic games reflects the hunting skills that were so important to our ancestors.

The Fastest Man on Earth

Pace and agility used to be a great asset to hunters, but now they are less useful in society, yet we still cheered when Usain Bolt won gold again in London 2012. Most of us are not even Jamaican and we still wanted him to prove that he is an anomaly. This is because human nature wants us to believe that we are progressing and that we will continue to progress. It is great to see an athlete at the pinnacle of their sport, outperforming everyone as though they try harder to decide which shoe to put on first in the morning. That sort of spectacle is awe-inspiring because we have all been young; we have all compete with our peers at sports at some stage. This is why we recognise that there are some physical feats are special and when you see something that special, there are few feats comparable.

The Greatest Team that Ever Played

When it comes to team games, it all depends on where you come from and what the national sport is in your country. New Zealand is famous for its rugby and Brazil for soccer. If you want to talk about football, it depends on which side of the pond and at which end of the Americas you live. We have special places in our hearts for our favourite teams, and on those teams, we all have our favourite players. Kobe Bryant sets the basketball court on fire for the Lakers and Argentinean, Lionel Messi is the modern equivalent of Pele, except he plays for Barcelona and he’s not Brazilian. Despite the fact that they are famous for team sports, we hold them in high esteem for their personal achievements. There is no doubt that team sports have greater followings than individual sports. Sports clubs have floated on stock exchanges and they are big business.

Part of the success of the human race has come about because we have managed to work as teams and communicate well. When we see our favourite team win, it is generally because they have worked as a team or because there has been a touch of brilliance from a star player. The respect we have for a successful team must have originated from the time when we began to communicate in order to take down prey that was much larger than we were. When our ancestors decided to stop being gatherers and foragers, and they became hunter/gatherers, we naturally appreciated the qualities of a good team.

The Attraction to the Underdog

There are two types of supporter, the one who follows the best at everything, or the one who likes to see the underdog win. They will often support a team that has never had a great deal of success or the team is from their own locality. This is a trait created out of loyalty to our tribe. Anyone who has seen a soccer game when the crowd is signing in full voice or chanting at the referee for making a poor decision will recognise the tribal similarities.

The question is, when does loyalty end and self-preservation begin? When you place a bet, do you bet on your own team every time, or do you place a bet on the team that you believe will win you the money? There is only one way to find out and that is by placing a bet with sports betting with Bet Victor.