Best Skateboard Helmets

Skateboarding is an exciting sport but it can also be dangerous. Injuries can happen quickly and when you least expect them and head injuries can be deadly. This is why you need a quality skateboard helmet to protect you.

Skateboard helmets are made better today than ever before and you don’t have to replace them every time you take a fall or a spill the way helmets of the past were. Helmets made specifically for skateboarding are made to withstand falls. If you hit the helmet hard enough to crack it or the foam inside it, that’s when you need to replace it.

Choosing the best skateboard helmet in the first place will help you get the most from your experience. Here are my top choices:

Viking Skateboard Helmets– When you need the cheapest helmet that can still provide protection, this is a good choice. Viking makes both youth and adult helmets but they are designed as “One Size Fits All”, which will work for many people but it’s recommended that you try them on before buying.

TSG Skateboard Helmets– TSG stands for Technical Safety Gear and these are some of the most well known in the skateboarding industry, partly because of their cool logos. The TSG Superlight is a lightweight helmet that still offers maximum protection. TSG Evolution comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and they’re very comfortable.

Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmets– Many skaters are familiar with the Pro-Tec brand because it’s one of the best on the market. The Pro-Tec Classic is a one of their cheap helmets and the Pro-Tec Ace is one of the more expensive ones because you can usually continue wearing it after a fall.

S-One Skateboard Helmets– S-One makes certified and non-certified helmets. Certified helmets are approved by the US government as being strong enough to protect you and non-certified are not, but they are much better than no helmet at all. I recommend you go for the certified helmets always.

Triple 8 Skateboard Helmets– These good quality helmets are designed with unique anti-bacterial foam and they’re very comfortable. The aggressive skaters may be interested in the extra padding offered by the Triple 8 Old School Helmet. My kids love these and they are rough on helmets and sweat in them a lot.

Bern Skateboard Helmet– When you’re searching for a helmet that offers both protection and some unusual styles, this is an excellent choice. Some look similar to a hardhat with a “baseball cap bill” and you can wear others with a visor. They’re designed with either regular EPS foam or EPS Block Foam, which allows the helmet to go back to its original shape after impact.