Bradley Beal: NBA Draft Stock Rising?

Florida Gators basketball has had trouble keeping some of their top talent from entering the NBA Draft. The case could be made that the loss of Bradley Beal may be the biggest loss for any team of the country when it comes to players and the one and out approach. A one and out approach is not going to impact the Kentucky and Duke programs. It won’t touch a lot of the mid level programs that can keep their kids for four years, this is a big reason why you do not see Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens taking those more “high profile” jobs. Smart and Stevens do not want the same things to happen to them that has happen to Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators. Nick Calathes was a player that Gators fans probably felt worst about as far as players leaving the school too early. Calathes would later go on to play professionally in Greece. Bradley Beal is a player who truly can score from all places on the floor, some people may have question his size and ask whether he can defend, but in my view his athleticism kind of makes up for some of those size discrepiciancies. Bradley Beal was not asked to score twenty plus points per game at Florida, but the argument could be made that Beal definitely did everything he could to make sure his teammates were able to improve. Florida Coach Billy Donovan has reportedly said that he definitely feels that Beal is ready to go to the NBA. I can see Beal going as high as number two in the draft, but I would say that it has to make sense for a team to take him as well. The argument could be made that Beal would be a better fit for the Washington Wizards as opposed to the Sacramento Kings. Although I think it could be said that a Bradley Beal would likely be a more effective and more under control player than a Terrence Williams or a Travis Outlaw.

A lot of process comes down to what the talent evaluators think. Can a person like Keith Smart find the right spot for Bradley Beal? Does Mark Jackson and his staff in Golden State want someone like Bradley Beal to build their franchise with when it comes to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are probably looking for a bigger name to build their franchise around, but you have to ask whether they can find a better player within this draft class.