Brian Shaw: Next Blazers Head Coach?

Brian Shaw should be the next head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. It has really shocked me that Shaw has not been named a head coach in the past. Phil Jackson swears by Shaw’s knowledge of the game and had Shaw as one of his long term assistants when Jackson was with the Lakers.
Brian Shaw also gets rave reviews from Shaquille O’Neal as being one of the players that Shaq enjoyed playing with the most. Shaw has been on the staff of the Indiana Pacers for a little over a year and everyone within their organization has positive things to say about him as well.

The Portland Trail Blazers did appear to be on their way back up the moutaintop in the Western Conference, but truthfully the team may have lost a lot of their focus. People have to be able to make progress from year to year and most people only saw progress from the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge.

It will be interesting to see whether a guy like Nolan Smith can emerge as a floor general for the Trail Blazers. There are a lot of people who knew that Nolan Smith was not going to be able to put up the kind of numbers in the NBA as he did at Duke. Duke was an elite school and now most people probably are unaware where Smith plays whether it happens to be in Portland or overseas. Shaw could probably do a lot of good work with Smith as well as Elliot Williams. This is not to say that current Trail Blazers assistants Dan Dickau and Hersey Hawkins could not get the job done as well. Hawkins and Dickau could not do a good job with these players, both assistants have NBA experience, but there is a certain amount of credibility that Shaw would bring to the job due to his time with the Lakers.

Brian Shaw has also dealt with a lot of adversity off of the courts, he understands that life is not always fair. I think players would be able to relate to him very well.

Shawne Williams and Joel Pryzbilla, probably the two best known players left on the team are currently free agents. It is difficult to see either of these men wanting to be on a team that is clearly in the rebuilding stage. Williams has bounced around the league a lot and in fa