Brigade Skate Shop: Central Texas Skateboarding

Dec 12, 11

Are you searching for a great place to buy for all of your skating needs in Central Texas? Then look no further than Brigade Skate, a shop in Belton, Texas. They have a little bit of everything you could want with items suited for the newbie just getting into skateboarding or the professional who wants to take their skills to a whole new level.

Brigade Skate provides quality products that can be trusted and it prides itself on being “100% skater owned and operated”. This is why Brigade Skate is different from many of the other skate shops. Since the owners and employees are skaters too, they know what you need to develop your skills.

They offer a wide variety of items from some of the best companies in the business at the lowest possible prices so there is a wide selection available. You can choose from their selection of Dato Skateboards or decks from Chocolate, Darkstar, DGK, Girl and Habitat. They sell Independent Trucks and an assortment of clothing such as hoodies and a large variety of tees. There’s even a wide selection of hats, beanies, shoes and watches available designed exclusively for skaters. Our whole family gets outfitted here and I’m taking my daughter before the holidays for a new deck.

Hours of Operation and Location

You’ll find Brigade Skate located at 511 Lake Rd. Suite 105 in the River Oats Shopping Plaza. They’re right across the street from the Belton High School. They’re closed on Mondays but you can visit the shop Tuesday through Thursday from 12am-8pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm and on Sundays from noon to 6pm.

The employees here are skilled in the sport and they always provide friendly and accurate customer service. If you’re not sure which skateboarding items would be best suited for your needs, they can help you by providing you with information about the products they sell. They also have an online site where you can shop if you don’t live close enough to visit in person or if you enjoy shopping from the convenience of your own home.

Help Build a Skate Park for Belton and Surrounding Area

Brigade Skate is also in the process of building a skate park where you can go to enjoy all the fun and excitement skating has to offer. You can help Brigade Skate build a skate park by sending in your donation today. You can be a part of helping to create a safe and fun environment where you can go to improve your skills and have a great time skating.