Carpet Skating to Learn New Tricks

Carpet skating, or carpet boarding, is a great way to learn some new tricks right in your own bedroom. While most people probably don’t have a room big enough to do full skating, you can practice tricks, balance and more on your board indoors on carpets.

You can practice carpet skating in one of three ways:

  1. With a board with no trucks
  2. On a board with trick trucks
  3. On your board with wheels because they won’t slide as easily on carpet

Benefits to Carpet Skating

There are many benefits to carpet skating. For one, it just gives you something to do to get more familiar on your board while you are inside the house or in your room. Another benefit is that it lets you practice certain tricks and moves without the board sliding all over the place on you. It can help you build your confidence on the board. If you fall, it usually doesn’t hurt as much, or at all when you are practicing on carpet.  Another benefit is that it’s just fun to do.

Pitfalls to Carpet Skating

There are some downsides to carpet skating, of course. You will not get as much pop and since you can’t really roll around on carpet, certain moves will be more difficult. There is also the risk that you will break something or hit something when skateboarding indoors. The board can fly out from under you and if you lose control, it might break something.

Practice Tricks

If you want to use carpet boarding to learn new tricks, you might use a secondary board and take the trucks off or put practice trucks on. You should first decide which trick you are going to practice and you can watch some videos in your room and then try the moves for yourself. Watching videos that you can pause and rewind make it easier to slow it down and get your foot placement right. This makes it easier to get the tricks just right.

That’s pretty much all there is to carpet skating. There are no official rules; it’s just something that a lot of skaters do. If you’ve never tried it before then now is a good time to give it a shot and see if it helps you with balance, control or any new tricks.