Choosing The Rights Sports Shoes For Running

For years I have been running in sports shoes.  These sports shoes doubled up as fashionable trainers for wear with such things as jeans, combat trousers etc as fashion wear.Whenever a visit to the gym was in order, these same trainers would double up as my trainers to get me through a session on the treadmill.   Often I could run no further than around 1-2 kilometres before I would get aches down the front of my shin bones.  The dull aching pain was horrific, I would be able to last for no more than 10 minutes and then the agony would mean that I would have to limp off.  The pain would last for around 5 minutes and then would subside further.Running on the road to keep fit I always found an enjoyable experience, for around 5-10 minutes until the same sensation shot down both shins.I had no idea why this was the case except I presumed I had some mild form of ‘shin splints’ although being honest I had no idea what that was either.What I could not figure out though was why I could run around a football pitch, grass or astro turf, for a full 90 minutes without even a hint of these pains down the front of my lower limbs.Wearing the correct running trainerI was asked to run the Manchester 10km for a charity I was involved in and I had to give the usual reason: ‘I can’t – I have got shin splints’.  Seeing many of my friends running locally for such a good cause made me search online for some specific running trainers.My Adidas running shoes arrived in the post and I put them into my gym bag and went down to the local health club. I ran for 10 minutes, no pain, 20 minutes still no pain, I ran for 30 minutes and had no sign whatsoever of the pains that I had been having for the past 10 years.  My feet felt comfortable and the length of time felt absolutely fine.  I had never had to stop running as a result of being tired in the past and now I had no problem with my shins I didn’t have to stop.It felt amazing to have finally bought the correct running shoe for the job, and I must admit to feeling a little silly as to not having purchased specially designed running shoes in the past.For the past three months I have been able to concentrate on running specific distances and times in the knowledge that I can push my body without the doubt in my mind that my shins may start to ache.

It goes without saying that I am now in training to run some 10km running events in 2013 and it is all down to having the correct sportswear.

David Lyons shares his interest on sports shoes on behalf of First XV