Clean and Sanitize Your Skate Shoes

If smelly shoes are a problem for you, then it’s time you did something about your stinky skate shoes. There is a two-step process involved in caring for your skate shoes. First you want to prevent the funk as much as you can and secondly, you want to learn how to clean and sanitize. Here are some tips.

Prevent the Stink

The first step is to help reduce the problem of stinky feet as much as you can. Companies are designing skate shoes that allow your feet to breathe unlike older shoes. This can be helpful in reducing the smell that accumulates over time but it’s not enough to keep the smell away completely.

When you skate, your feet sweat, bacteria grows and eventually your shoes will begin to smell bad. You can’t stop the process but you can slow it down. Use foot powder and always wear socks with your skates to reduce sweating that causes odor and this will help significantly. When you do notice your skate shoes beginning to take on that obnoxious smell, it’s time to clean and sanitize.

Clean and Sanitize

Here’s a trick that always works and it’s simple and easy to do. You probably already have everything you need at home. Simply place your canvas shoes in zip-lock baggies to contain the smell and place them in the freezer. Make sure the baggies are sealed completely to avoid smelling up your food. Leave them in the freezer overnight and this will kill the bacteria in the shoes that are causing the smell.

Take them out of the freezer and allow them to thaw for two or three hours and then place them in the washing machine. Use mild detergent and wash them alone to avoid damaging other items. Wash on the gently cycle and use cold water. When they’re finished, allow them to air dry. Never place them in the dryer. This can ruin a good pair of skate shoes. You can put them out in the sun if you need to speed the drying process.

If your skating shoes are made from suede, leather or some other type of material other than canvas, you can freeze them in the same method to kill the bacterial and most of the smell. However, you do not want to wash these because it can ruin them. Replacing a good pair of skate shoes can be pretty expensive. Instead, leave them out in the fresh air until they thaw out and completely dry.