Could Coaching Changes Hurt St. Louis In Recruiting?

Rick Majerus has been hitting the recruiting trail pretty hard. There are a lot of people out there who may be questioning whether or not the Billikens can keep their momentum and build on the season that landed them in the Round of 32. Majerus has already received a commitment from based forward Jared Drew to play for the Billikens next year. I would venture to say that looking at Drew’s playing style on video leads me to believe that his skills are similar to those of Alex Jensen. Alex Jensen was a forward who played for four years at the University of Utah and later served as an assistant coach for Majerus at St. Louis.

Majerus has to be allowed to coach his way, this means that he will be recruiting people from all the world who think team first. A person would occasionally complain about how he wouldn’t get more local kids while he was at Utah and you hear the same gripe while he is at St. Louis.

My hope is that if the Billikens are able to take the next step that they will be able to land players like Julius Randle out of Plano, Texas in order to get some of the size that they need on the low block. They were lacking a truly consistent scorer in the post last year, they were able to gain a fair amount of low post scoring from a player like Brian Conklin, but he was truly more comfortable out on the perimeter.
St. Louis will have to compete with schools like North Carolina and Duke if they want to land a player like Juilus Randle. The fact that the Billikens appear to have lost another assistant coach as Chris Herriman joins the Cornhuskers staff in Lincoln, Nebraska may put a dent in the Billikens recruiting lead.

Herriman may have a lead on some of the players that he was previous recruiting to St. Louis and could lure them away. Herriman actually played professionally in Australia before he came back to be a college assistant coach.

It is unknown at this point who the Billikens might hire to replace Herriman on their staff. It is also hard to say exactly what impact this could have on Rick Majerus and his outlook for the future. It may be quite tiring to constantly have to be changing assistant coaches and making adjustments in the world of recruiting when you thought for sure that you had a lead on a kit.