Count Your Steps to a New Healthy You

It is so important to stay healthy or to get healthy if you have let yourself go.  People seem to be so busy these days that fast food and quick frozen meals are becoming the norm and home cooked healthy meals are going by the wayside.  The good news is that no matter how busy you are, you can get healthier by taking just a few steps that are quick and easy to do.  The following are some tips to count your steps to a new healthy you:

  • Less Fast/Junk Food – If you know you are having a busy day and your plan is to hit the nearest drive through when you get hungry, rethink this plan.  Instead of hitting the fast food or grabbing a bag of chips, take a few minutes before you leave the house and pack a quick lunch and snack.  Baby carrots are always a great snack and take no preparation time at all.  Make a healthy sandwich using whole wheat bread, lettuce and turkey breast for a satisfying quick meal.  In a week or two the changes in your health are noticeable, particularly if you are attempting to lose weight.
  • Take Walks/Walk Instead of Driving – Walking is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body.  It is a low impact exercise so even those who are very much out of shape or overweight can take advantage of this health aid.  If you have children or a dog, walk them for a few blocks each night.  Even a half an hour is a great start and a great way to get the blood moving and to burn calories.  Instead of driving to the corner market for milk, walk and pick up your groceries instead.
  • Never Limit Yourself – If you want a piece of chocolate or something salty, do not say no to yourself every single time.  While there does need to be some commitment to living healthier, having a treat now and then is actually good for you.  If you say no to yourself often enough, you may end up falling off the healthy wagon and end up back where you started.  Treat yourself but do it in moderation if you really want success.  Instead of an entire carton of ice cream, have a couple scoops and save the rest for the next time you get a sweet tooth.

All of the above added in together can make for a much healthier you.  You do not have to go to the gym each and every day when walking is free and is good for you.  Take the time to treat yourself but do not go overboard and the results show on your body and in your overall health.