DeMarcus Cousins Gets In Shouting Match With Spurs Announcer?

DeMarcus Cousins has been known for his temper in the past. He is now getting upset about what broadcasters are saying about him in the NBA. Sean Elliot of the San Antonio Spurs broadcasting team was extremely critical of the fact that Cousins was talking a fair amount of smack to Tim Duncan and some of the other players who are on the Spurs roster.

DeMarcus Cousins nearly got into a physical altercation with Sean Elliott over the fact that Elliott was critical of the way Cousins started jawing at the Spurs bench because he scored a couple of baskets against a proven NBA star like Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan does not typically talk a lot of smack on the basketball court no matter how well he is playing. Duncan is someone who lets his record speak for itself. Cousins needs to try and make sure that instead of getting involved in post game altercations with Sean Elliott that he focuses on getting involved in better game plans and helping the Sacramento Kings win more basketball games.

Basketball is a structured game where you have to be able to think clearly without rage, you cannot depend strictly upon talent once you hit a certain age. Tim Duncan is someone that DeMarcus Cousins can learn from.

The fact that Cousins was suspended for two games by the NBA following the incident should surprise no one. Keith Smart, the current head coach of the Kings knows that Cousins knows better than to get involved in an altercation with Sean Elliott. You have to wonder whether this is the kind of publicity the Maloof brothers want as there continues to be fair amount of speculation about whether or not the team will end up leaving Sacramento.
A lot of people out there should be worried that DeMarcus Cousins will not be able to reach his full potential in the NBA, many people have said that he has more natural talent than Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard may actually agree with that statement or at least not be offended by that statement, this may be a sign that too many people in the NBA just aren’t that passionate anymore. It is very important that DeMarcus Cousins works as hard as he can to gain the respect of so many older players out there, the older players out there are going to be a part of the future networking and project connections that Cousins will be working on when he retires.