Did Art Modell Cost The Browns A Championship?

The NFL Network is running a program bemoaning the fact that the Cleveland Browns once left Cleveland and became the Baltimore Ravens. The program talks about all of the great coaches that Bill Belichick had on his staff in Cleveland. The list of coaches that he had on the staff included Kirk Ferentz, Nick Saban and Jim Schwartz was working in Cleveland as a video assistant.
There are several people on this show who advance the premise that the Browns would have won a championship if everyone would have stayed in place, this truly could not be further from the truth in my estimation. The reason people like Nick Saban and Kirk Ferentz have been successful is because they have found the right situations to become comfortable with, it is not true that a great coach can win anywhere. Nick Saban won national titles at a couple of college stops because he was allowed to put the right people around him, ultimately an owner in the NFL is the person who is going to make the decisions about different staff members.

Eric Mangini was also on the Ravens staff in 1996, but the truth is that the Mangenius was not able to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland either. Belichick was only able to bring a championship to the New England Patriots once he had an ownership team around him who would let him make a lot of the key personnel decisions.

There is a lot of animosity still directed at Art Model even after the man’s passing stemming from the fact that Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore and they became the Ravens. The fact that the Browns have largely struggled since the franchise came back to the NFL makes most people forget that the Ravens and the Browns have any real ties to each other. Matt Stover was the last link between the Browns and Ravens organizations on the field. Stover was a very reliable kicker and it made sense for Stover to have such a long career. Stover certainly had a tad more of a distinguished career than most of the players who were on the original 1996 Ravens roster.

Ray Lewis is the most distinguished player in Ravens history and most people when they hear “Ravens” now automatically think of Ray Lewis.
The Ravens did have some decent cornerbacks on that 1996 team like DeRon Jenkins. Jenkins had some injuries in his career and he ended up finishing up his career in the Arena Football League with the Austin Wranglers.