Disc Golf’s Toronto Island Maple Leaf to be Held this Weekend

With two big events in the world of disc golf this weekend of September 8-9, many top pros will be competing at the Eric C. Yetter tournament, but quite a few will take part in the Toronto Maple Leaf at spectacular Toronto Island Park. With a beautiful and well-maintained 18-hole course and views of the lake, this PDGA sanctioned A/B-tier event should be a good one to compete in, or even just to watch. The ferry ride to get out to the park is just part of the fun adventure.

Some of the big names in the competition include 2011 PDGA World Champion Nate Doss, 2009 PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins and his sister, three-time Women’s World champion Valarie Jenkins. Masters Champ Jay “Yeti” Reading and his wife, three-time Women’s World Champion Des Reading, will also be here.

The disc golf course is located on Wards Island, about a ten minute walk west from the Wards Island ferry dock,  with Tournament Headquarters and Check-in at the bridge to Snake Island which is at the tee of Hole Four. The course is wooded and fairly flat with very little elevation change but a great variety of holes and a good balance of long and short shots. Players will have to watch out for wind, with the tournament taking place on the island, which can make for some rather challenging shots.

Brad Schick was last year’s winner, however, it was Avery Jenkins who came in at a close second. Schick won’t be here to defend his title this weekend – will Jenkins come through with the victory in 2012? St. Thomas, Ontario native Dave Northrup was the winner in 2010, and he’ll be here to give Jenkins a run for his money.

The excitement begins on Saturday, Sept. 8 with a first-round tee-time starting at 10:30 a.m and a round two start at 3 p.m.