Do You Hula-Hoop?

Dec 28, 11

So when was the last time you picked up a hula-hoop? If it’s been awhile then it just might be time for you to try again. There are so many great benefits to hula-hooping that you can see it’s far more than just child’s play. You can get a great workout and have fun at the same time. As a mom to five, I love that hooping works my waist and midsection, keeping me trim. I’m not the only person who digs on the hula-hoop.

Bonnie Sayers, LA Fitness Trends Examiner tells us how LA does hula-hooping:

“Hula-hooping was once seen as an outside activity children enjoyed.  Times have changed with men and women picking up on this latest fitness trend.”

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I could not agree more when it comes to hooping. I’ve loved the activity since I was a child and for a period of time in my early 20s, I just stopped doing it. It wasn’t until one of my children got one for a birthday that I picked it back up again and asked myself why I had ever stopped.

About Bonnie Sayers:

LA Fitness Trends Examiner

Bonnie Sayers is a fitness enthusiast that regularly works out at the gym. With the help of Zumba and wearing a bodybugg, Bonnie lost thirty… read more.