Does It Make Sense To Hire A Sports Media Consultant?

Sports stars need to learn how to deal with the media as do all kinds of successful people. Ari Fleischer, who worked in the Bush Administration as the White House Press Secretary has set up a company that can help sports stars and teams deal with the media and turn negative publicity into positive public. Fleischer worked with the Green Bay Packers for example during the whole “Will Brett Favre retire or not saga?”

Paul Allen and the people who ran the Portland Trail Blazers were able to rebuild some of their goodwill in the city of Portland by dumping some good players on the court who may have been considered bad seeds off of the court. There are times in the world of sports where you may have to take your lumps in order to rebuild the kind of franchise that you hope to one day maintaining.
A person who wants to learn more about the sports media can look at the way people like Marv Albert were able to rehabilitate their image after the sexual assault case that he had to deal with in the past.

Terrell Owens is someone who could certainly use a sports media consultant, the fact that a once great receiver who had fairly successful stints with the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals cannot find a job in the NFL may mean that Owens certainly has a bit of an image problem in the eyes of many NFL General Managers. The fact that Owens was let go from his recent gig as a player/owner in and then made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show is not likely to help his future. A person who thinks it is a good career move to go on the Dr. Phil Show is in fact mistaken in most situations and likely in need of consultation.
Accidents can happen in media. The media can really run with stories. Accidents can certainly happen within a boxing ring. A person can definitely be killed during a boxing match, someone may not want to go in front of a group of reporters who are incorrectly labeling someone as a monster just because their opponent happened to pass away after the fight.

A person who wants to move forward with their life after being involved in a tragic sports event may want to hire a sports media consultant. The baseball players who have been involved with the steroids scandal that has rocked their sport may want to hire a sports media consultant in order to deal with their issues.