Dwight Howard Should Stay With The Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard should not want Stan Van Gundy to be fired.  It takes a certain amount of leadership to put a franchise on your back and try to lead them to an NBA Championship.  The pressure may be too much for some NBA players.  I think some people began to question whether LeBron James and Chris Bosh could truly end up handling the pressure.  The fact that Bosh and James signed with the Miami Heat may have permanently changed the NBA and the power structure of the league.

Dwight Howard should work with Stan Van Gundy in rebuilding the Orlando Magic’s roster.  The talk about Deron Williams joining the Orlando Magic is something that should heat up.  The possibility of Dwight Howard joining the Nets and trying to form a super team with Williams and other free agents is something that has been considered.  Avery Johnson, the head coach of the New Jersey Nets would probably like to have a successful guy like Dwight Howard on the Nets roster.  The question is not whether people like Mikhail Prokhorov will be willing to spend the money to help the Nets, the question is whether potential free agent signings like Dwight Howard will truly be aggressive enough on the post and on the boards in order to make the Nets a winner.

The Orlando Magic on the other hand is really established franchise.  The New Jersey Nets are an established franchise, but their move to Brooklyn is going to leave them with a lot of unanswered.  Can the Nets end up competing in the same marketplace with the New York Knicks?  The Orlando Magic already has a great owner in Dick Devos who has already seen the Magic make two appearances in the NBA Finals.

I would consider getting a proven back up center in this next NBA Draft.  Dwight Howard could be looking at very back problems in the future and if he was to return to the Orlando Magic, the team should be ready to deal with this process.  A person who is questioning the ability of the Magic to win a championship may be worried about the current lack of offensive skills that guys like Daniel Orton and Earl Clack.

Patrick Ewing can work with Dwight Howard and other people on the roster in order to improve their offensive games.  I think it would be interested if Stan Van Gundy was fired and Patrick Ewing took over as head coach of the Orlando Magic.   People who are not sure about where Dwight Howard will go in the future should hope for more balance in the NBA.

Tyler Mills is a former college student looking for a positive way to inform people and make some money to pay living expenses. He also covers sports and Iowa news for the De Moines Free Press.