Eagles Fire Juan Castillo

The Philadelphia Eagles should be headed in the right direction. The Philadelphia are currently 3-3. They are a game behind the New York Giants in the NFC East. The Eagles needed to fire Juan Castillo in order to make the proper adjustment and make the playoffs. Andy Reid must want to keep his own job and at least try to finally win a Super Bowl after the large number of years that the Eagles have employed Reid. Reid is going to new Todd Bowles the new defensive coordinator of the Eagles. Bowles was working as the team’s secondary coach before replacing Juan Castillo.

There are a lot of people who were impressed by the work that Todd Bowles did as defensive backs coach and interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Bowles could end up becoming a full term head coach in the National Football League. Bowles has some weapons to work with on defense, but you have to wonder whether this is simply the right talent blend, simply signing talented players does not always lead to success.

Juan Castillo and Andy Reid are close friends. Reid has been very loyal to Castillo, some people wanted Castillo to be fired as defensive coordinator half way through last season. You have to be able to find a way to make sure your defense is truly aggressive, an aggressive defense would mean that there would be more effective pressure on the quarterback.
An 8-8 season was simply unacceptable for a team that Vince Young dubbed the dream team before the beginning of last season. The Eagles certainly did not live up to the dream team moniker. A writer who works in the world of the sports could have seen this firing coming. If Andy Reid were fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, I thought it was a given that he would be hired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

The firing of Mike Holmgren may have put a real wrench into that theory, Reid would likely take a year off from coaching. Reid is someone who wants to make key moves and lead the Eagles to the kind of success that the Philadelphia Phillies It’s a reasonable question to ask as to whether or not the Eagles should have fired Sean McDermott as defensive coordinator a couple of years ago. A large number of people out there may question whether McDermott and Reid truly meshed on the same level that Reid and Castillo did.