Five Great Tips to Win Your NCAA March Madness Office Pool

Mar 11, 12

When it comes to college basketball, trying to predict the future is about as easy as trying to guess the weather. About the only real hope you have is making educated guesses. Once NCAA March Madness rolls around, the unpredictability factor goes off the charts. This makes filling out those office pools extremely difficult. If a team is in the tournament, they are capable of upsetting even the best teams. As a matter of fact, many upsets are virtually guaranteed to happen.
So how do you get a leg up on the competition?

Forget the upset chase

Almost every office pool bracket will be loaded with outlandish upset picks. While they may hit on a few of them, they will miss the biggest majority. Go with the seeds early on in the tournament and save the upsets for the middle rounds. Going upset crazy will ruin your office pool chances.

Compare your home town teams to other brackets

Inevitably, you are going to pick your home town teams to advance too far. If you went to Elon University, for example, you probably should not pick them to upset a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament. By all means do it if you don’t mind losing and just want the thrill of it. If you are unclear about whether your team is picked wrong, then compare your picks to the pros online.

Pay attention to where the games are being played

If North Carolina is playing in state, for example, that should mean something in their favor. The home team is not always going to win, but it is very helpful when you are on the fence about a pick. It also helps to know who is at home in upset bids.

Check the injury list

Injuries are the one tangible thing that can be found that the majority of people will not know when they fill our their brackets. Why not allow yourself that advantage?

Lean towards solid half court offense

Teams that shoot tons of threes but have trouble in the half court are much more likely to lose than teams that have solid big men and good half court offense. Defensive teams also hold a premium in the NCAA Tournament. If you have two teams that are otherwise even, always go with the half court offense team over the perimeter dependent teams.

These five tips are a great way to win your office pool come NCAA March Madness. Keep them in mind as you fill out your brackets.


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