Football Tattoos and Changing Times…Here’s the Worst Case Scenario

Football is America’s new past time. After passing baseball for the nation’s favorite sports, the NFL and college football represent some of the largest television contracts around. Some fans want to display their love of the game or team, permanently etched on their skin. But times change. So do teams and team logos.

Changing Logos

Teams generally keep their logos for a while. Brand recognition is important, and teams use their logos to build their brand. Sometimes, however, teams decide to change their logos to better match current design trends. These changes are sometimes minor, sometimes drastic. Inevitably, fans get upset when their favorite team changes anything they see as a good thing. Changing players, locations and logos are all sources of discontent for hardcore fans.

One of the most famous examples is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For years, their team colors were white, orange and a brighter shade of orange, displayed on a saucy and effeminate looking pirate with a feather in his cap, a ring in his ear and a sword in his mouth. Management decided to go a different route with an entirely changed logo, showing a red flag with a pirate skull on it.

The team’s success in the late 1990s and early 2000s culminated in a Super Bowl championship in 2002. The diehard fans with buccaneer tattoos that stuck with the team through thick and thin had a bittersweet victory…especially since the new logo was so much more masculine than the old one. Had they waited, they could have had a much cooler and manly expression of their team loyalty.

Teams Move

For years, the city of Baltimore rabidly supported the hometown Colts…until they packed up and moved to Indianapolis in 1983, that is. Many younger fans view their teams as static, unchanging entities that are part of the fabric of their cities.

Unfortunately, teams move. Living in a large city does not provide protection either; the Los Angeles Raiders left the second-largest city in the United States to move to Oakland, and the city is still waiting for a new franchise to move into town. Having a constant reminder that a fan’s favorite team has left him or her behind can be a stark reminder that is difficult to remove. A tattooed fan finds himself sporting the logo of a team that is no longer loyal to them.

Worst Case Scenario

If the Dolphins do change their logo, an idea they’ve been toying with lately, one fan represents the worst-case scenarios in fan tattoos. One fan, Emmett Dove, started bragging about his new Dolphins tattoo, a massive shield covering the entire back of his head. It wasn’t long until he heard the news that the Dolphins may be changing logos. This massive, and quite costly tattoo, may only remain relevant for another few months.

Football tattoos are sign of lifetime dedication to a team. Fans, however, should be wary; their favorite teams may survive for decades or longer, but few franchises are truly safe from the specter of relocation, and none is safe from logo redesigns.

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