Get on Your Bike and Ride

We’ve all seen what’s been happening to the economy; with thee pound worsening thanks to low growth figures, the near future looks bleak.  So, you should be looking at ways you can save money in your everyday lives.  Most of you will have a car and will drive to work every day.  While it is comfortable, think of all the money you are throwing away when there is another method to get to work.  Ass an extra benefit, you will get yourself fit, too.  It’s cycling of course.

Bike to Work

One of the more recent government schemes that has been an almost unprecedented success is the ride to work scheme.  This allows you to buy a bike tax free through your workplace and pay for it every month out of your salary – before tax.  A double saving.  This scheme is a great idea for getting people on their bikes and helping to cut costs and help the environment.  So, you’re going to take advantage of this scheme: what do you need?

Firstly, you need to get hold of a bike.  You need to be using this bike primarily for your journey to work every day, so it should be useful for use on the roads.  Most people go for a hybrid bike nowadays, which is like a road bike except it can handle short amounts of gravel and the like as well as the constant bumping up and down curbs that the cycling commuter will find themselves doing a lot of.  You should head off to a supplier who takes advantage of this scheme and see what bike fits you – do you want speed or extra comfort and make sure that you get a bike that physically fits you too.

Be Safe, it’s a Dangerous World

One of the most important things to consider when cycling to work is safety.  Other road users may not be the most careful around you and there have been a dramatic rise in the number of cycling accidents and deaths, especially around London.  Most importantly, just be aware of what is around you and use your common sense in traffic.  You must protect yourself, though.  Firstly, buy yourself a high quality helmet – one that lets you’re head breathe as well as protecting you.  Now you need to make sure you are visible, so get some high visibility clothing and some good quality bike lights – you need to make sure everyone can see exactly where you are come day or night.

You also need to protect your bike against potential thieves, so invest in a high quality bike lock too – the heavier the better.

Keep Cool or Warm and Safe

Lastly, you need to protect your body against the elements.  Getting hold of some high quality clothing is essential – you will need tops that wick away the sweat from your body to keep you cool, yet provide you with warmth come the winter.  Cycling shorts will also prevent you from getting saddle sore.  One very important piece of clothing is the glove – if you come off your bike without gloves on, you could lose all the skin from your hands, which is extremely painful.  Clothing which protects you against the wind is great and also get hold of some lightweight waterproof clothing that isn’t going to slow you down with too much drag – you don’t want to put in more effort just because it’s raining.

One of the best choices is altura cycle clothing.  Their range is extensive and you will be able to find exactly what you need for reasonable prices.