Girls in Sports- Do Girls Talk Trash During the Game?

Jan 12, 12

As a youth sports and female athlete myself, I can tell you that girls most certainly do talk trash during the game. However, when it comes to “trash talking”, I highly discourage it as a coach. I try to teach my girls respect for themselves, respect for the game and respect for one another so that they keep chatter positive and non-personal.

However, there is a time for some competitive chatter, such as during competitive softball matches. In this venue, it’s typically acceptable for the girls in the dugout to call out, chant or sing at the opposing team. This type of harmless “trash talk”, when not done personally or to one person only, is actually fun and brings out the competitive spirit in even the shyest girl.

When it comes to girls in sports, the personality type of the individual player can have a lot to do with the type of talk they do as well as how competitive she is and in what ways she shows this competitiveness. I have found it is actually quite interesting to see the different personalities that show through in girls of all ages as they participate in sports.

Here are some of the personality types of girls in sports:

  • Go-getter
  • Ball hog
  • Pretty girl or Miss priss
  • Cheerleader

If you’re a girl who loves sports, which type are you? The type of game you talk will often depend on which sport personality you have. For example, the cheerleader type will always be sending positive vibes. She will cheer on her teammates no matter what the score and she always has a smile on her face. She might also be friendly and cheerful towards the other team, telling them “good job” and “way to go”, no matter who is currently winning the game.

The go-getter is often trying to make herself look good, especially in the eyes of the coach or anyone scouts who could be in the audience. If she talks trash, she means it in a competitive way towards the game only. She doesn’t mean any of it personally but she can often scramble over others in her own attempt to get to the top.

You may also see that how girls respond to the game depends on if they are playing co-ed, with boys or with others girls. Often when they are playing with boys, girls will feel the need to trash talk more as a way to prove their worth or show that they are into the game.