Golf Cart Performance Mods

Golf carts don’t have much of a reputation for performance, style or luxury. They are most often associated with slow movement, low acceleration and boring beige and white colors, but golf carts can be so much more than a slow people mover for grandmas and grandpas. They can be transformed into performance machines that are fast and stylish. Upgrading a golf cart is both affordable and easy, so there’s no reason not to take a look at all of the accessories that are available.

Increase Power and Performance

Golf cart manufacturers have a variety of performance kits that can be used to increase the power of a standard golf cart. A basic power kit can increase torque, lower gearing and allow for smoother take-offs. For a bit more money, enhanced performance kits can be bought with filter headers, gasket carburetor jets and cleaning solutions for the filter. Installing new accelerator parts can also increase performance. Many golf carts have a hard time accelerating on even the slightest inclines. An accelerator upgrade can get a cart moving cleanly and quickly.


It is not a great idea to increase the speed and power of a golf cart without accounting for the brakes. Standard brakes in golf carts are spongy and rather unresponsive. Drivers often need to exert enormous pressure on the pedal to get the cart to stop on a steep hill. One of the more popular upgrades for stopping power is disc brakes. These are easy to install and replace. They don’t require drilling, welding or any modifications to existing holes. A simple upgrade can accommodate a 30 percent power increase or more.

More Comfort

For a golf cart owner, comfort is just as important in the cart as it is in a regular automobile. Most golf carts come standard with a simple cushioned bench and lower-back rest. Modifications that create cushioned arm rests and heightened back rests can make the experience of traveling in a cart far more luxurious. Golf carts also have the problem of being exposed to the open air. This can get really uncomfortable when a storm or unexpected cold wind hits. Golf car enclosures can wrap the cabin area of the cart so that it is protected from the elements.

Ride in Style

There are tons of golf car accessories that serve a specific purpose and increase the style of the vehicle. Fender flares create a great custom look around the tires, but they also keep drivers and passengers protected from flying mud and dirt. Enhanced headlights look great at night and give a cart increased visibility in the dark. Rocker panels add a great flare to the side of the cart while also providing enhanced safety for movements in and out of the golf cart. Whatever type of upgrade an owner is looking for, there is a golf cart performance mod to get the job done.

Lift Kits

Lifting isn’t just for trucks and old muscle cars from the 50s and 60s. More and more people are lifting their golf carts. There are a wide variety of lift kits available for golf carts, including spindle kits, A-Arm kits, electric lifts, gas lifts and axle lifts for nearly every type of make and model golf cart. Why settle for the standard boring height when lift kits are so affordable and easy to install.


This article was provided by Radical Golf Carts.