Happy New Year! SZM Rings in 2012

Jan 01, 12

2012 is here and for many people, that means time to start new goals in life- many of them, fitness goals. If you want to be healthier in the New Year, there are many resources available to help you do just that. I know what it’s like to have fitness goals at the start of the New Year because I just had a Christmas baby and now I’m ready to get back in shape and to train for a charity 5K.

What are some goals that you have for the New Year? What plans do you have to help you reach those goals?

Here are some articles about New Year’s fitness and health goals to get you started right in your New Year:

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Athletes -By Samantha Van Vleet

Ringing in the New Year for many people, includes making New Year’s resolutions. Athletes and non-athletes alike usually make some type of health and fitness related resolution, however, these resolutions aren’t always easy to follow through with. Your resolutions don’t have to be impressive or lofty in order to get results. Instead, athletes should do their best to make realistic and health promoting resolutions.

Be realistic

New Years resolutions should help to inspire you, rather than discourage you. Set some resolutions that you know are possible to achieve. If you just started figure skating this year, making it to the Olympics before next year isn’t very likely to happen. Instead, try setting a goal you could achieve, such as learning to perform a particular move or stunt. You may not be Olympic bound by next year, however, in a year’s time, you could very well drastically improve your performance.

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6 Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – Forbes Daily Muse

It’s almost the New Year—the time to reflect on your aspirations and set meaningful goals to improve your health and happiness. Which sounds great, right? But how many of us actually keep our New Year’s resolutions past January?

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Tips for keeping a New Year’s fitness resolution – 9news Denver

DENVER – The start of 2012 has many people resolving to improve their physical fitness or lose weight in the New Year.

However, fitness experts warn meeting those fitness goals may not be as easy as people would like it to be.

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