High Schools Develop NFL Quarterbacks: School Athletics Make a Difference

High school athletics are an important time in a young athlete’s life. These developmental times for skills also build emotional strength and mental agility help the young athlete succeed later on a college or even a professional level. Many high school athletes do not go on to play their sport after graduation but the lessons they learn, they will carry with them throughout life.

One example of how high school breeds successful pro athletes is in the number of NFL quarterbacks who played high school football. High schools play a major role in helping to develop NFL quarterbacks. The experience these players receive when playing high school football helps to make them better athletes and this makes a difference when they play in the big leagues of the NFL as you can see when you take a closer look at all the great NFL Quarterbacks out there today.

MaxPreps explains that some states seem to breed more NFL quarterbacks than others, which isn’t really a surprise, is it? California leads the way with 7 quarterbacks. Texas has 6 and Indiana, 3. Here is a breakdown of those quarterbacks and where they went to high school:

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