How to Be a Cool Skater Mom

Even if you don’t skate yourself, it’s possible to be a cool skater mom. If your kids are into skateboarding, it’s important that you take the time to learn more about what they’re doing. Showing your child support and taking interest in his interests is not the same as being nosy. A lot of kids don’t think their parents will be interested in what they are doing and sometimes, the parents give this impression by saying so or by not taking their interests seriously.

Skateboarding is great for physical health and it can be a great way for a young person to make friends, learn dedication (such as when learning tricks) and it has many more positive benefits. A cool skater mom will recognize the benefits that skateboarding has for her child.

Here are some ways to be a cool skater mom:

Learn the lingo- Do you know what a “poser” is? What if your kid wants some new “ankle biters”? Learning the lingo doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use it all the time. If it’s not natural for you, then you might have your kid thinking you’re a poser. But learning the lingo shows that you care enough about your skater to know what he’s talking about. It shows interest, gives you something to talk about and helps you understand him and his friends when their skating in the driveway.

Watch the pros- Watching the pros is a great way to learn more about this sport and how it can be taken seriously. People have made entire careers around something that many parents just pass off as “child’s play”. You can find videos online, search official websites of skateboard brands and professional skaters and even look for them on TV when an event is airing. It will also help you to appreciate how hard that trick really is when you see your kid practicing it for hours on end.

Smash the stereotypes- Stop thinking that skaters are hoodlums or that skateboarding kids only get in trouble and make trouble. There are troublemakers everywhere and the problem is not exclusive to skateboarding. If you want to be a cool skater mom, you need to ditch all the pre-conceived notions you might have about skateboarders.

Meet his friends- If your kid loves to skate, take some time to meet his or her friends, especially those who are also into skateboarding. Take an interest in what they do. You don’t have to be a hovering mom to show interest. Be there, ask them about new tricks they are learning. See if they want to show off to you and be supportive, not nagging.

Skateboarding can be a very positive activity for kids, especially when parents take the time to get involved and show interest and support.