How to Become a Good Skateboarder at Any Age

I always say skateboarding is a good hobby or activity to pick up, no matter what your age. If you want to become a good skateboarder, there are some simple tricks and tactics you can learn to help you look like you know what you’re doing and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Skateboarding is always more fun when you have the confidence to be able to do basics on your board.

If you want to be a good skateboarder at any age, here are some tips:

Dress properly- You don’t have to dress like a “skater” and you don’t have to wear any special gear but you do want to wear something safe and comfortable. Avoid clothing that can get caught in the wheels or drag underneath your board and cause injury. Make sure you wear clothing that is comfortable to move around in and that is appropriate to the weather.

Wear your safety gear- A properly-fitting helmet is essential when on your board. It also helps to get knee and elbow pads that fit you when skating. Some more advanced skaters also get additional safety gear such as pants that protect you when you fall in them. There are also wrist guards to help protect you when you fall on your hands/arms. Wear your safety gear all the time and you don’t have to worry about getting seriously injured when you take a fall.

Get comfortable with your board- The first step for any new skater to get better is to be familiar with your board. Know its parts and how they work and spend time standing, balancing and rolling around on it. Once you’ve done that, spend some time just skating on it as much as possible. This will build your confidence and help you feel comfortable at all times on the board.

Watch other skaters- When you’re ready to get better, spend time watching other skaters. You can watch videos online, check out the pros in movies and advertisements and also watch friends or people at the local skate park. Watching others will give you new ideas for tricks to learn, help you spot their techniques and help build your confidence as well.

Don’t be afraid to try new things- If you want to be a good skater, you will have to try things sometimes that make you a little nervous. Don’t be afraid to do new things, just be sure you know your limitations and that you have proper safety gear. You will start with flatground tricks and as you learn more, you will build to other types of tricks.

Learn basic tricks- When you’re feeling comfortable standing on and riding your board, it’s time to learn some basic tricks. The Ollie is one of the first and most basic tricks you can learn. It is often incorporated into other tricks so learning it first will give you the foundation you need.

Lisa has been skateboarding since she was a young girl and now skates with her husband and four children. She believes that you are never too young- or too old- to love skateboarding.