How to Build a Quarter Pipe for Fingerboards

Fingerboarding is growing in popularity so much that we even have pro-fingerboarding participants, sponsors and competitions. If you want to play like the pros at home, then it helps to have ramps, walls and rails to play on like the real thing. You can build a quarter pipe for fingerboards with things you have around your home and add them to your own skate parks for hours of fun and entertainment.


All you need are some pieces of cardboard of varying sizes and thickness, a ruler for getting matching edges and some scissors for cutting the cardboard. We like to decorate our quarter pipes and other homemade fingerboarding ramps and walls. If you want to do the same, then you will need paint, pencils, stickers or other items for decorating your completed quarter pipes.


Take a 6-inch square piece of cardboard and draw a vertical line on the left side about 4 inches. Then measure and draw a horizontal line about 5 inches that moves towards the right.

Next, make a line curving inward, starting at the top of the vertical line and ending at the horizontal line. This curved line will make the slope of your quarter pipe. Now cut this shape out of the cardboard. Trace this shape and cut out two more versions of the same size and dimensions. Now you will have three shapes in total.

Use a 9-by-6-inch sheet of thick cardboard and mark it about four inches down from the top. Draw a horizontal line straight across at the four-inch marker. Now fold the top part down to make an “L” shape.

Glue the curved shapes that you previously created to the edges of the “L” shape and the cardboard creation will begin to look like a box that is diagonally cut in half. These pieces will create the frame for your quarter pipe.

Finally, glue a lighter sheet of cardboard over the curved shapes to create the incline of your new quarter pipe. Allow the glue to dry completely.

If you want to decorate it, do this now and allow any paint or glue from decorating to dry completely. Then, you’re ready to begin using your newly built quarter pipe.