How to Build Ramps and Walls for Fingerboards

My kids love fingerboarding but after awhile, skating on regular surfaces around the house can get boring. You can buy ramps and accessories for fingerboarding but they can get pricey and sometimes it’s more fun to build your own anyway.

Here are some tips on how to build ramps and wall for fingerboards to help you perform the best jumps and tricks:

To build ramps- Cut a rectangle shape out of thick cardboard. Be sure it has enough room for you to move your fingerboard around inside. Now cut another rectangle in the same width as the first. The length will vary according to how long you want your ramp to be.

Tape the two pieces together and they will form an acute angle. Place the taped end upright on a flat surface and you have a basic ramp. Once you see how to make them, you can experiment with different sizes and lengths for your fingerboards.

We also like to paint and decorate ours for fun. You can use stickers, make your own graffiti designs or whatever you want your ramp to look like. This is all part of the fun of building them yourself.

To build vert walls- Empty cereal boxes work great for this. We first tear out the flaps from one end of the box. Next, cut the corner of the cereal box about 2/3 upward on the box like you’re going to cut the sides away from each other. Now each wall is a flap.

Next, push the box down from its top and make the flaps slide outward however far you want them to go until you reach the desired height for your wall. Now to keep them from moving, tape the flaps to another flat surface.

We also like decorating and painting our walls. You can use these simple parts that most people have around their home anyway or throw out with the trash and build your own fingerboarding skate park for hours of fun and entertainment.

We make a habit of saving old cardboard, empty cereal boxes and other cardboard parts to use them for fingerboarding ramps and walls. The kids have collected enough to have their own mini skate parks and sometimes building the ramps is as much fun as skating on them.