How to Re-grip Golf Grips

As far as golf accessories go, golf grips are among the most important.  You soon notice your form going off as the grips wear, and you might find aches and pains because you are no longer holding the club correctly.  Replacing the grips removes the problem, and for many it’s something that needs to be done two or three times a year.  Learn how to do it yourself, and you’ll have the satisfaction that comes with knowing how to properly maintain your own gear.

1)       Remove the old grip and the underlying grip tape.  You’ll need a sharp knife to cut through it, then peel it away from the shaft.  Use the knife and your fingers to remove any remnants and then use a rag dipped in solvent (window cleaner or nail polish remover works) to remove the last of the adhesive.

2)      Put the shaft in either a dedicated holder, available form most golf accessories stores, or in a standard bench vice – if you use the latter, wrap the shaft in a towel to prevent the teeth marking it. Once it’s secure, hold the new grip alongside the shaft and mark with a pencil where the grip ends.

3)      Take your grip tape and, starting from your pencil mark, wrap it around the club shaft.   Be careful and make sure that it goes on smoothly, with no bumps or wrinkles in it.

4)      Pick up your new grip and pour some solvent in it, keeping your thumb over the hole to stop it running out of the other end.  Shake it around a bit to make sure the inside is fully coated.  This will allow the new golf grip to slide over the tape without getting stuck before it is in the correct position.

5)      Pour or spray more solvent onto the tape itself, then slide the grip over the shaft.  Don’t hang about doing this, as the solvent will evaporate quite quickly and the tape will regain its stickiness, so if it starts to catch just add a bit more solvent and continue.

6)      Be sure to align any markings on the grip with those on the shaft, and don’t let the grip twist as you work it on.  This will make sure the grip is in the right position and this will in turn make sure that you have the correct grip when you come to use it.  If the grip isn’t quite lined up at first, just back up a bit and twist slightly to align it, adding more solvent if necessary.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make minor adjustments this way.

7)      Remove the club from the vice, then press down all around the grip so that it makes even contact with the adhesive on the grip tape.  Once you’ve done that, and confirmed that it’s straight with no twists or wrinkles, you need to leave it to dry naturally overnight.

8)      Go play!  Revel in the feedback your new grips give you.