How to Teach Your Kids to Avoid Injury on a Skateboard

If you have kids who skate, there are a few basic things you can teach them to help them avoid injury on a skateboard. While falls will happen and proper protective gear will reduce the injury and severity, there are some things you can teach your child to help him avoid injury and gain confidence on the board.

Whatever the age of your skater, you can being teaching simple tactics that will help avoid injury on a skateboard and will build his confidence while skating as well.

Here are some tips:

Adjust your trucks- Trucks work like the axle on a car and they hold the wheels on. When you first buy a new board, you may need to adjust the trucks so that you are most comfortable. The proper adjustment is personal preferences for the rider but too loose or too tight can cause problems.  Be sure not to over-tighten them or you can have injuries and falls because the board will not turn well. Loose trucks make the board easier to turn but too loose may mean a wobbly board that you cannot control as well.

Stay in your comfort zone- It’s good to try new things and this is the only way you will learn new tricks but it’s important to stay in your comfort zone and don’t overstretch your capabilities. Doing so can increase the chances of you getting hurt.

Bail if you lose control- If you lose control of your board, stop or just jump off. This is all part of learning and there’s nothing wrong with bailing out of a trick gone wrong.

Always protect your head- If you do fall, always try to protect your head above all else. Head injuries can lead to serious trauma, coma or even death. Wear your helmet and protect your face by putting up your arms if you have to in a fall.

Land on your pads- Avoid landing on your knees unless you have kneepads on. You should also avoid placing your hands out to try to brace for a fall as this can cause impact to land on your wrists. If you must fall, try to take the impact with the parts of your body that are protected by padding.

Take a break after repeated falls- If you repeatedly fall and land on the same body parts while trying a new trick, you will repeatedly damage the same areas. Take a break and try another trick for a bit or just take a break altogether.

Skate safe- Be sure you are skating in a safe location and that the area is clear of rocks and debris that can cause you to lose control of your board. Never skate into traffic or off of dangerous obstacles.

Teach your kids these basic tips and they will become ingrained like habit, giving your skater the confidence to skate without higher risk of injury.