Incredible Ways to Lower Your Golf Score

Golf is not a sport for everybody because there is so much that goes into it and you have to have a dedication to the sport in order to be good.  Those who choose to put the time and effort can become good golfers, maybe not good enough for a PGA tour, but they can certainly hold their own on the course with their buddies.  There are tricks to lowering your golf score that are so easy that it seems silly not to use them.

  • Golf Balls – This may seem obvious, but the ball you purchase can really make a difference in your golf score. There are many balls on the market and the technology is constantly being upgraded to make them fly further with more accuracy.  These balls cost quite a bit more than the average golf ball you can buy in bulk but the cost is definitely worth it.  Just purchase a couple, take them to the driving range and see just how much farther the ball will fly which also means making par more often.
  • Clubs – As with golf balls, your clubs should cost the highest that you can afford, not the lowest.  Never buy them from a second hand store unless they are a good quality and fit you perfectly.  A bad club can mean your grip is not correct and swing does suffer so if you have to, save up your pennies and buy a really nice set of brand new clubs.
  • Grip and Swing – Now that you have all the top of the line equipment it is time to take a look at your grip.  If your grip is off, your swing is off and you are not lowering your golf score; just the opposite, you find that your score is not what you want it to be.  This is something you can practice anytime and just about anywhere as long as you have a club handy.  Practice your grip and swing as much as possible so it becomes second nature when you’re out on the links.

Lowering your golf score is actually quite like rocket science in that you need to have the tools that science has spent years creating and perfecting.  While these items do cost a bit more, nobody told you that golf was a cheap sport.  Practice your grip and your swing and watch your score get lower every time you hit the links.