Is Curt Schilling Broke?

Is Curt Schilling really broke? The former pitching great may have sunk all or at least most of his baseball fortune into a failed video company that he founded. The saga only appears to get worse as his company sought state subsidies in order to help build the company and provide the state with some jobs. Rhode Island has a fairly high unemployment rate when you happen to compare it to the rest of the state. Former Governor Don Carcieri saw an opportunity to attract a lot of high tech people to the state and probably some video game lovers and baseball fans to the state as well.

The money that was given to Schilling’s company tends to be a fairly controversial topic around the state.

Lincoln Chafee, the current Governor of the state of Rhode Island was always somewhat skeptical of the deal that 38 Studios reached with the state. Many observers simply did not see the long term growth potential that may be required when people seek a grant from a given state.

Schilling is now saying that his company was struggling, but comments from people like Governor Chafee only made the problem worse. Several employees uprooted their families in order to work on what they assumed to be a successful venture and people are now without jobs in some cases. The bankruptcy process for 38 Studios has to be somewhat embarrassing, but is Curt Schilling really broke? He still works for ESPN.

Bankruptcy proceedings are now leading to a discussion over equipment that was leased to 38 Studios in order to create the next great game out there. The truth of the matter is that this whole ordeal may in fact damage any political aspirations that Curt Schilling may have had in the past. Schilling was rumored to be considering a run for the United States Senate in Massachusetts. I personally do not think this venture and dipping your toe in what many conservatives would call “corporate welfare” would be extremely helpful within a Republican primary.

Schilling has told people that he spent as much as million dollars on trying to help the company. Fifty million dollars is a lot of money, even for a professional sports star. I personally don’t blame Schilling for trying to create jobs in Rhode Island and I certainly do not think he should be heavily criticized given how expensive it is to start a company, particularly one where the employees are fairly compensated.