Is Mike Mularkey A “Cheap” Coach?

Brian Billick was not insulting Mike Mularkey when he said that the Jacksonville Jaguars were probably looking for a cheap and young head coach to replace Jack Del Riio. Del Rio himself was viewed as a bit of a “cheap option” when he was hired by Wayne Weaver nine or ten years ago to replace Tom Coughlin in the Jaguars. The Jaguars are now under a new ownership team and although Wayne Weaver never lost his passion as owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars,

The Jaguars certainly did hire an experienced coach and I do think that they hired someone on the cheap. Mike Mularkey is someone who spent a long time with a number of different organizations as an offensive coordinator. He also has head coaching experience given the fact that he went 7-9 during both seasons that he was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Mularkey was not fired as the head oach of the Buffalo Bills, he resigned from the team after he felt that he simply did not have the necessary tools available in order to take the Buffalo Bills to that next level. Mularkey also saw what kind of a tough division he was in, having to go against the New England Patriots and a resurgent New York Jets organization on a regular basis.
Mularkey will definitely have some work to do in Jacksonville with Maurice Jones Drew potentially missing some significant time with his holdout/trade demand situation. Blaine Gabbert is a quarterback that still needs to make a lot of progress in order to prove that he can survive in the NFL, this would be pretty hard to do for Gabbert without a hoss like Maurice Jones Drew in the backfield.

Justin Blackmon certainly showed a huge upside in his college days with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but this far Blackmon has made more headlines for off the field issues in his nascent NFL career. I would expect Mercedes Lewis to flourish under an offensive minded coach in Mike Mularkey. Mularkey was a long time offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The hope is that there would be a new emphasis on the tight end in Mularkey’s offense.

Mercedes Lewis did make it to one Pro Bowl in his NFL career, that being in 2010. Jack Del Rio seemed to have an occasional disagreement with his offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter in the past couple of years. The disagreements may have stunted Lewis’s growth as a tight end.

The truth of the matter is that when Brian Billick made the statement he did not know that the Jags would hire someone as accomplished as Mike Mularkey, the truth of the matter is that Billick may have been living off the land of being considered an “offensive guru” while not getting that much done on the offensive side. Shahid Khan is taking his role as owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars seriously, this is why he hired a guy like Mike Mularkey.