Jamal Crawford Four Point Plays

Chris Paul is the straw that stirs the drink for the Los Angeles Clippers. There are a couple of key free agent signings that the Clippers made in the offseason that would certainly end up helping the team be more of a force in the postseason. Jamal Crawford has become the consistent shooter/scorer that the Bulls hoped he would be after they drafted him, following his first year at the University of Michigan.

Jamal Crawford has an amazing statistic attached to his NBA career, the man has thirty five four point plays in his career. A legend like Reggie Miller is nowhere near Jamal Crawford on this list of successful four point plays in his career. Hubie Brown, a current broadcaster for ESPN has seen a lot of basketball in his day and he of course was amazed by the statistic, saying that he knew a lot of great players who never had one four point play in their career.

Can Vinny Del Negro manage all of the talent on the Clippers roster? I think it should be a welcome challenge for any coach, but that whole thing can depend upon personalities. Do you want Eric Bledsoe and Jamal Crawford on the floor at the same time, both men have show they are capable of putting up great scoring numbers, but are some of the other guys on the Clippers roster worried about the distribution of shots? Del Negro will come under a lot of scrutiny if he does not handle this correctly.

Del Negro and his staff may want DeAndre Jordan to maintain his current role when it comes to blocking shots and getting rebounds, if the big fellow starts asking for the ball more that would just add another wrinkle in the mix that some people may think would be a detriment, but veterans like Crawford and Paul would be willing to give Jordan the ball when he would need it.

Caron Butler has been playing very well from the outside and may have permanently cemented himself as a better player than Rudy Gay (comparison of Connecticut Huskies) presuming that Butler can actually stay healthy. There are a lot of people who think that Grant Hill will be a calming force for the Clippers once he is able to get a fair amount of time on the floor, Hill is still one of the most capable defenders in the league despite having trouble with his ankles. Hill will also be able to gauge whether Del Negro truly has a good handle on the roster.