Kevin Kolb: Long For The NFL?

Could Kevin Kolb be on his way out of the NFL shortly? Many people are truly starting to doubt whether the Arizona Cardinals spent way too much money by signing Kevin Kolb after he was a backup for the Philadelphia Eagles. There are some theories out there that the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive line does resent Kevin Kolb for the kind of big money that the team signed him for, if such rumors are true it could be that Kolb’s personality may not endear him to the offensive line in general. The argument that I am about to make is very simplistic, but if a quarterback does not have the support of his offensive line he won’t be able to hang onto his current job for very long.
Could it be that most of the offensive personnel for the Cardinals may want John Skelton as the team’s starting quarterback instead of Kevin Kolb? It is hard to believe that given how much effort Larry Fitzgerald seems to put into every game, if not every snap. Skelton may have his own detractors on the team and it is really hard to tell whether the team supports him, but it can be hard to get a read on that sort of thing. The same people who started the rumors about the offensive line resenting Kevin Kolb also tend to say that the offensive line will go all out for John Skelton.

It would be hard to say exactly how much production the Cardinals can expect from a guy like Beanie Wells. Michael Floyd and Early Doucet have to continue to try to take some of the pressure off of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. Skelton may have the support of the fans overall in Arizona, he certainly is perceived as the underdog in the constant quarterback competition that is going on in Arizona. The Cardinals were not even able to make a starter out of Derek Anderson a couple of years when they brought him over from the Cleveland Browns.

The Cardinals ownership is likely going to be patient with the current coaching staff and the truth of the matter is that at least second place is going to be wide open within the NFC West. Second place in that division probably does not mean that you will be fighting for a playoff position though. A playoff position is something that all teams search for, but there are many teams who hope to make progress on a yearly basis.