Lane Kiffin Rejects Coaching Poll

Lane Kiffin is someone who has never backed away from controversy. The fact that he was allowed to participate in the USA Today coach’s poll was something that most people would not have not have given a second thought about. Kiffin is someone who can certainly talk a big game and that type of confidence and skillful play calling can bring in a large number of recruits for his school. A person who wants to learn a lot about the defensive side of the ball is going to have value in going to USC as well, many young players can end up working under Monte Kiffin.

Lane Kiffin apparently offended the folks at USA Today by saying that he not rate his team in the number one slot in the coaches poll, when in fact this is exactly what he did. Kiffin was seemingly shocked that another coach would currently say that his team was in fact the best tem in the country. The University of Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez actually did vote for USC at number one and maybe Kiffin felt the need to talk about Rich Rodriguez and start a little, healthy feud between the two teams.
People have to remember that Pete Carroll never voted in the coach’s poll so any criticism of Kiffin being suspended from the poll may not be relevant. A number of people may have thought Carroll did not take the process seriously and maybe he should have taken it more seriously.

The quarterback situation that Carroll faced at USC may be better than the one he is currently facing with the Seattle Seahawks, Matt Flynn is an unproven quarterback. .

Silas Redd was a big get for the USC program and the fact that he was able to play for USC right away after transferring from Penn State is something that should have a been celebrated by a large number of people. There are so many people who would not have rated USC so high without the transfer of Redd, but it makes sense for football writers to take notice of such a move.

The USC Trojans also made some more news recently due to the fact that Reggie Bush said he no longer wanted to be involved with the program anymore. Bush also said that he has returned the Heisman Trophy and that he is not really worried about that fact. The Heisman Trophy is a very valuable asset and USC would like to have that Heisman as part of their history.