Larry Brown: Next Head Coach at SMU?

Larry Brown could potentially be making another coaching stop in his coaching career that has spanned five decades. The reports are that the former NBA (presumably Hall of Fame coach) will now be taking over as the head coach of the Southern Methodist University Mustangs. The job at SMU may be the least prestigious job that Brown has ever had in his coaching career.

There were a number of rumors out there about how Larry Brown did want to get back into the college game after resigning as the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA. Brown was rumored to be interested in the head coaching at Providence College after Keno Davis was fired from that school.

The prestige of the assistants that Brown would hire has now been the biggest buzz around this entire situation. A number of college head coaches have even been rumored to be considering working for Larry Brown once he arrives on the SMU campus. It is so rare to work with someone who has won both an NBA and NCAA Championship, this is probably an opportunity that some coaches simply couldn’t pass up. Buzz Peterson, the current head coach of the UNC Wilmington Seahawks who has a lot of close ties to Larry Brown is rumored to be considering the possibility of becoming Brown’s top assistant.

The truth of the matter is that things are generally not going well for Peterson at UNC Wilmington record wise, and some people are beginning to wonder whether he will jump ship and leave the Seahawks. Buzz Peterson has a right to take any job he pleases to take. The truth of the matter is that he a tendency to jump from job to job. Buzz Peterson has actually left Appalachian State over the years as he does this job hopping.

Larry Brown and Buzz Peterson both like to job hop. Larry Brown was willing to stay in Philadelphia for seven years and this was mainly due to his solid relationship with Allen Iverson. Brown typically leaves jobs early and is something that the folks at Southern Methodist may have to worry about. Brown and Peterson both seem to have an idea on their next job. I am not sure whether both men just have a tendency to seek more money or they simply want a new challenge. SMU is certainly not quite as fantastic as being the future General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Brown was rumored to want a job with the Cavs when he was still the head coach of the Detroit Pistons. The jumping from job to job is something that Larry Brown will hopefully stop doing now that he has young people who truly want to work with him.